What is a Bao? Origin and cooking

What a bao is?

Probably, you have started seeing the baos in restaurant’s menus for quite some time, but… what is a bao? It is an asian bite that it’s taking over our paletes for its versatility, exquisiteness and simplicity.

The baozi, more known as “baos”, are a kind of bread or buns steam cooked. They are traditionally stuffed with meat or vegetables, but now that western chefs have discovered them, they are innovating, not only the recipes inside the bao, but also the dough’s ones. That is exactly what we do at Wä Bao: we reinvent this Asian dish hoping to delight you with taste and healthy recipes.

Wa Bao - Cordero

Bao’s origin

To find the origin of the ‘bao‘ we must travel to Asia where we can find thousand versions of the same history. Some of them say that it comes from China, others affirm that it comes from Taiwan, where it is traditional to eat these breads during the holidays of New Year.

We bring this traditional bite to Wä Bao precisely from Taiwan, a country where these delights are a essential part of the urban culture. It is said that the bao was invented two thousand years ago.


How is a bao cooked?

Very often, when it comes to gastronomy, the simplest thing can hide an enormous complexity. In Wä Bao we want to innovate, but above all, to respect at maximum the quality of the product. In order to get that, we created our own recipe, not only for the stuffing, but also for the dough. We pursue a perfect combination between tradition and innovation so you can enjoy this delicious Asian bite in la Barceloneta.

The oval form of the mantou (name of the bread used for the ‘baos’) is one of its most representative characteristics. The reason: they must be prepared to wrap the desired filling combination, and it makes it easier to eat. One of the most popular techniques from eastern cuisine is used for the baos preparation: steaming, which beside giving to the ‘baos‘ a soft and spongy texture, is a very healthy alternative to the sandwiches that we traditionally eat in Europe.

In Wä Bao we prepare the ‘baos’ following the traditional recipe with a few fusion touches. Besides the bun, in our menu you will find a delicious variety of options to fill the in. All prepared by our cookers with first quality ingredients and respectful techniques that make our baos not only something beautiful and harmonious, but a healthy meal that will give you an explosion of flavor in every bite.


We want you to experience a different way of enjoying food by creating healthy and irresistible recipes. We mixing traditional and contemporary kitchen techniques, and use them to merge western and eastern flavors in every meal. If you still haven’t tried our baos, you must come and meet us at Wä Bao La Barceloneta!

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